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Applied Graphics

Applied Graphics

This module will give you a grounding in image and video processing, and 3d animation with an understanding of the underlying mathematics. The mathematics will be pitched at a level suitable to people with the GCSE who might not have studied maths for some time. You will be introduced to the mathematical concepts behind image manipulation and processing as well as 3d graphics. We will look at image compression and filtering before going on to use a 3d animation package to create images and animations.

Learning objectives

On successfully completing this module, you should be able to:

  1. Apply basic vector arithmetic and matrix transforms to 2D and generalize to 3D data.
  2. Compare and critically evaluate a range of image compression, manipulation and enhancement techniques.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding and apply a range of 3D modelling and animation techniques.
  4. Apply appropriate techniques to create a professional output.


The module will make use of recorded lectures, guided reading and practical work with workshops. We will cover the following areas:

List of units

Block 1 – The mathematical graphics driving licence
1. Coordinates and vector arithmetic
2. Polygons and 2D matrix transforms
3. Generalising matrix transforms to 3D
Block 2 – Image and video processing
4. Image and video processing introduction
5. Colour spaces and histograms
6. Compression, filtering and post-processing
Block 3 – 3D animation
7. 3D meshes and mesh editing
8. 3D positioning and lighting
9. Materials and textures
10. Animation

Lecturers: Dr Jonathan Bell, Dr Edore Akpokodje

Introduction to Applied Graphics by Dr. Laura Stephenson