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Big Data

Big Data

Media files are often large and a media project might involve many related files. In this module we will investigate how to manage all this data, maintaining the integrity of the data themselves, as well as the integrity of the relationships between them. On archiving projects, we want not only to be able to recover the data’s meaning (are the file formats still supported?) but also find it. How do we trace related data? This module builds on the introduction to relational databases in the Web Development module and gives you a more in-depth look at data management.

Learning objectives

On successfully completing this module, you should be able to:

  1. Design and implement a NoSQL database with one or more front-end applications.
  2. Evaluate the applicability of different technical data management strategies for a variety of applications.
  3. Explain the essential concepts behind a variety of NoSQL data models, including key-value, document oriented and graph data models.
  4. Identify potential security issues raised by the use of NoSQL data management systems to handle massive data volumes with high transaction rates, and suggest mitigating strategies.


We will use a mixture of recorded lectures, guided reading and practical work to cover the following areas:

List of units

Block 1 – SQL and NoSQL
1. Relational data management
2. Relational (SQL) and NoSQL data management systems contrasted
3. Querying existing databases
Block 2 – Developing NoSQL data management systems
4. Choosing the “right” data management system
5. Modelling, securing and processing massive volumes of data with high transaction rates
6. Creating a NoSQL data model, implementing the model and querying the resulting database
7. Exploring alternative NoSQL data models
Block 3 – Data analytics and data mining
8. Application programming for data analysis
9. Cloud based data management
10. Vulnerabilities, procedural and technical factors, threat analysis and mitigation

Lecturers: Dr Jonathan Bell, Dr Edore Akpokodje

Introduction to Big Data by Dr. Laura Stephenson