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Digital Culture

Digital Culture

This module acknowledges digital culture has a substantial impact on contemporary media production, recognising digital culture as a culmination of broad social forces, historical developments, interactivity and creativity. Digital Culture investigates the changing socio-cultural landscape in the digital age by providing an overview of the ‘digital’ as a theoretical, philosophical and practical entity. Students involved or employed in any aspect of online media content will benefit from this module by gaining an in-depth understanding of how digital culture is used to influence and construct identity, democracy, entertainment and communication in contemporary media production.

Learning objectives

On successfully completing this module, you should be able to:

  1. Locate the nature of technological developments within a broader socio-historical framework
  2. Evaluate and reflect upon the impact of digital technologies on socio-cultural activities and contexts
  3. Explain and analyse the interaction between digital cultures, digital technologies and contemporary media production


The module uses a series of recorded lectures, guided reading, group tutorials and practical worksheets, concentrating on the following areas:

List of units

Block 1 – Digi-context
1. Technologies in history
2. Digital citizenship and democracy
3. Branding and marketing
Block 2 – Cyber-culture
4. Community and social networking
5. Second lives and online gaming
6. Hacking, subcultures and hacktivism
Block 3 – Production & Consumption
7. Digital storytelling and art
8. Digital cinema and music
9. Digital TV, platforms and convergence

Lecturer: Dr Laura Stephenson

Introduction to Digital Cultures by Dr. Laura Stephenson